How Our Service Works

Once you have been referred to our service you will be invited to attend an initial consultation. We encourage you to bring your wife/partner/carer/family member with you to this consultation. We set aside 2 hours for the initial consultation and you will meet our team during it. The team consists of a Consultant Cardiologist, a Nurse Specialist and a Clinical Psychologist. Each of the team members specialise in Refractory Angina and have many years experience dealing with it. During the consultation we will talk with you about your symptoms and the impact that they have on your life. We will also start the process of educating you about angina. This may seem odd as every patient tells us that they have been living with angina often for many years and that there is “nothing that they don’t know” about it. However by the end of the consultation every patient admits to being surprised at how much they have learnt and how reassured they feel with their new found knowledge. As a patient you will never have had such a long period of time with a Consultant before or the opportunity to discuss your problems in such detail.

After the initial consultation we will invite you to attend our Foundation Sessions.

The Foundation Sessions are designed to build upon the information that you would have learnt during the initial consultation. Each Foundation Session lasts for 2 hours and we would encourage you to bring either your spouse, partner or a family member with you to them. The Foundation Sessions are run with a group of 6-8 patients all who have Refractory angina. There is one session a week for four consecutive weeks. The sessions are run by the Nurse Specialist and the Clinical Psychologist. If you feel that the Foundation Sessions are “not for you” click on the following link to see what some of our patients have to say about them. At the end of the Foundation Sessions you will have a further review with the Consultant. At this review a decision will be made regarding future treatment (click here to see what treatments are available). We offer to follow all of our patients in the long term if they so wish. We believe that continuity of care is key to the successful management of Refractory angina.

How our service works